Erika Myrill

Erika Myrill

VP of Product

Erika is the VP of Product at Project Healthy Minds. She has worked in product for the last 15 years and specializes in consumer facing products that span everything from marketplaces, e-commerce, content forward digital experiences and digital experiences in physical spaces. Before joining PHM, Erika spent 3+ years working at Wonder as the Head of Consumer Product leading a cross functional team of product managers, product designers and data analysts.

Prior to Wonder, Erika spent 4+ years at Peloton, where she was the Director of the e-commerce product team. Erika joined Peloton as an early employee in 2016 and stayed through its IPO in 2019.

Erika is a Boston University alum, who got a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School and practiced before shifting gears to build digital products. She was a D1 athlete whose passion for physical fitness evolved during COVID to also include a passion for mental fitness -- which is what drew her to Project Healthy Minds.

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