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The Trailblazers Collective is a group of visionary philanthropists committed to expanding access to mental health care.

With industry-representation across technology, sports, entertainment, finance, and healthcare, the Trailblazers Collective is the philanthropic engine behind Project Healthy Minds, fueling our ability to innovate and change a broken system. The members of this group work collaboratively with the world-class Project Healthy Minds team who are driving change in mental health and are invited to exclusive, VIP events and get first access to early insights and industry research for this community of forward-thinking supporters.

Thanks to the support of the Trailblazers Collective, Project Healthy Minds is able to...

Mobilize a dedicated
full-TIME Team

of experts to innovatively confront the
mental health crisis, harnessing advanced technology, strategic communications, and key partnerships for greater impact.

Partner with policymakers
and business leaders

to advocate for investment in innovative workplace mental health programs, which leads to better financial performance for companies.

Work with culture-makers, 

and business and civic leaders

to speak out about the mental health crisis and their own mental health experiences, thus breaking the stigma that leads far too many people to suffer in silence.

Expand access to 
health services

by building the world's first free market place for discovering the right mental health services for you.

Members of the Trailblazers Collective have made a 3-5 year commitment of $50,000 - $500,000 per year.

These multi-year commitments enable us to strategically plan ahead, making our programs scalable and financially sustainable while giving us the agility we need to continually refine our efforts to create novel, high-impact solutions to the mental health crisis.

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The Trailblazers

Chris Barbin
and Lori Csaszar

Tech Entrepreneurs

Chris Barbin and
Lori Csaszar

Chris Barbin and Lori Csaszar are the Founding Co-Chairs of Project Healthy Minds' Trailblazers Collective. Chris is the Founder & CEO of Tercera, an investment firm, and the Co-Founder & former CEO of Appirio (acquired by Wipro for $500M in 2016). Lori has had a long career in tech, working in senior roles at Salesforce, IMPAQT, and Ariba, and is deeply committed to social causes. Together, they co-founded Sip Tequila, introducing an array of hand-curated, super-premium tequilas to the U.S. market.

The Irsay Family

The owners of the
Indianapolis colts

The Irsay Family

The Irsay family, owners of the Indianapolis Colts, are prominent figures in both the NFL and Indianapolis community. Since their acquisition of the team in 1972 and its relocation to Indianapolis, they have been central to the Colts' identity and success. Beyond football, the Irsays are recognized for their philanthropic efforts in health, education, and the arts, leaving a significant mark on the local and national community.

Sheri Sobrato

Trustee of the Sobrato Family Foundation & Founder of Resonance Philanthropies 

Sheri Sobrato

Sheri Sobrato’s life’s mission is to support and empower children and teens facing health challenges. The eldest daughter of John and Sue Sobrato, she is the developer of a teen wellness and self-expression app, Shadow’s Edge, and co-author of “Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges”. Sheri is a donor and impact investor to support innovation in pediatric healthcare, sustainability, and impact media. She holds a B.A. from Stanford University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University.


"Our daughter at the young age of 10, was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, OCD, and depression, and then our son at the age of 15, who was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression. We recognized a few years ago, when reviewing our charitable giving of both our time and resources, there was a major category and cause that was missing. We've searched for what we believe is a long-term, creative, and technology-driven solution & partnership supported by an entrepreneur and leader we could get behind. We were so excited to bring this idea of a "family giving circle" to Phil – and to be the first family in on it – because we believe giving to the foundation with a 3-5 year commitment for the build of the organization is what will set it up for success."

Chris Barbin and Lori Csaszar
Tech Entrepreneurs

"Our family has a history of mental health challenges and has experienced first-hand the urge to hide these issues for fear of judgment and criticism. In sharing our vulnerabilities, we hope to inspire others suffering in silence to ask for help and know they are not alone. This stigma is a matter of life and death, and that's why our family is committed to bringing this issue out of the shadows and helping normalize the conversation."

The Irsay Family
Owners of the Indianapolis Colts

"This cause became personal after I struggled with my own malignant brain tumor as a young adult. I've made it my life's mission to help young people work through complex emotions when their lives are interrupted by challenges. As a philanthropic donor, it has become clear that those with the resources and interest in youth mental wellness need to unite to support initiatives like Project Healthy Minds. I look forward to collaborating to increase the impact of this vital cause."

Sheri Sobrato 
Trustee of the Sobrato Family Foundation & Founder of Resonance Philanthropies

"My daughter, Leyla Sandler, has dedicated her life's work to the mental health field and is a steadfast advocate for and supporter of the vulnerable and voiceless, specifically child abuse survivors. Her love for her work and the thousands she serves has inspired me and has propelled my desire to act. Transforming infrastructure to meet the growing needs of our society's mental health crisis requires innovative platforms, better pathways, and equitable access. I support Project Healthy Minds because their efforts will decrease the barriers to mental health services and increase the well-being, fulfillment, and quality of life of those in need."

Annie Sandler

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Curated programming tailored to Trailblazers Collective members, including intimate salon dinners, group field visits, and a VIP private dinner the night before our World Mental Health Day Festival.

VIP Experiences

Early access to and exclusive VIP treatment at Project Healthy Minds events, such as our World Mental Health Day Festival, annual Gala, and more.

Curated Research

Receive early access to proprietary mental health research and insights on the forefront of the mental health movement.


Special acknowledgement in donor materials, including prominent features on our website and Annual Report.

Exclusive briefings

Access to world-class researchers and industry thought leaders from the Project Healthy Minds community, and regular updates from our Founder and CEO Phil Schermer.

Leadership Opportunities

Have the chance to take on leadership roles for Project Healthy Minds strategic initiatives, advisory groups, special events, and more.

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