Project Healthy Minds Statement on President Biden’s Announcement of Strategy to Address National Mental Health Crisis

In response to the Biden-Harris administration’s plan to announce a new strategy to address the national mental health crisis during this evening’s State of the Union address, Project Healthy Minds’ Founder and CEO Phillip Schermer issued the following statement:

“Today, President Biden announced historic actions to tackle the raging mental health crisis in America. As a mental health nonprofit founded by Gen Z and Millennials, for Gen Z and Millennials, we know that the mental health crisis is one of the defining issues of our generation.

We at Project Healthy Minds applaud the Biden-Harris administration's leadership on this issue and stand ready to support its new efforts.

Mental health is uniquely interconnected with nearly every challenge we face — the trauma of global conflict, the deep inequities faced by marginalized communities, efforts to rebuild and grow an economy reshaped by COVID-19, the threat of climate catastrophe, rapid changes in technology and media, the opioid epidemic, and more.

Mental health isn't partisan, it's practical. Taking bold action to fight the underlying causes of the crisis and expand access to care will help more than 65 million Americans struggling with a mental health condition and create a more supportive world for new generations.”

About Project Healthy Minds

Project Healthy Minds is a millennial/Gen Z-driven non-profit startup focused on tackling one of the defining issues of our generation: the growing mental health crisis. Project Healthy Minds is building the world’s first digital mental health marketplace to democratize access to life-changing services, partnering with public figures to destigmatize mental health, and creating standards for businesses to better support employee mental health.

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