Project Healthy Minds Partners With Morning Brew For “Imposters” Podcast Launch

At Project Healthy Minds, we’re confronting one of the defining issues of our generation:  the growing mental health crisis.

Role models are critical to shattering the stigma around mental health. Our State of Mental Health research shows that:

  • 45% of young people say hearing celebrities or public figures talk about their personal mental health struggles inspires them to improve their mental health.
  • 68% of young people say hearing their friends, family and colleagues talk about their personal mental health struggles inspires them to improve their mental health.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Morning Brew for the launch of their new Imposters podcast.

Imposters is a new podcast hosted by Alex Lieberman, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Morning Brew. Alex is a member of Project Healthy Minds’ Advisory Council.

In each episode, Alex sits down with “titans of industry, athletes, and entertainment's biggest names to discuss the biggest mental and personal challenges they've overcome to get where they are today”.

There’s more: Our very own Carson Daily, the Host and Producer of NBC’s hit series “The Voice” and co-host of “TODAY” on NBC, is the first guest.

In this episode, Carson shares his journey from beginning to end, from “suffering in silence” to being diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). He shares how learning about mental health, exploring new resources, and taking the time for self-exploration completely changed his life, to the point of referring to GAD as his superpower.

“Understanding these mental health issues for me was so great because now, when I'm really off, I understand how my model works and I can look at myself and I can help myself.”

Carson is right – it’s important to take the time to learn how to navigate your mental health. You are not alone. Our partnership is here to remind you that help is available.

As you listen to Imposters, you’ll hear a message from Alex about our /Guide for Healthy Minds, our free, digital mental health marketplace that makes it easy to find services that fit your needs.

Our thanks to the “Brew Crew” for amplifying these powerful stories and for helping us make the /Guide for Healthy Minds accessible to more people across the country.

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