John Lloyd Taylor

John Lloyd Taylor

Agent at United Talent Agency (UTA)

John Lloyd Taylor is an entertainment industry executive with over two decades of diverse experience. He hails from State College, PA, and is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music. John is renowned for his role as the lead guitarist and musical director for the Jonas Brothers, contributing to their rise to fame from 2005 to 2013.

In addition to his music career, John has directed the acclaimed 2019 Amazon Prime documentary "Chasing Happiness" and executive produced the Amazon Prime series "Regular Heroes" and more.  His versatility extends to musical performances with notable artists like Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley and appearances on major platforms such as the Grammy Awards and Saturday Night Live.

Currently an agent at United Talent Agency (UTA), John leverages his extensive network and industry insight to guide both established and emerging talent.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, John is deeply committed to mental health advocacy. Celebrating 13 years of sobriety, he passionately supports mental health and recovery initiatives, aligning with Project Healthy Minds' mission to destigmatize and address mental health challenges.

John’s blend of professional success and personal dedication to mental health makes him an invaluable addition to the Project Healthy Minds advisory board. His unique perspective and commitment to fostering mental well-being will greatly benefit the organization's efforts to support those in need.

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