10.10.24      •     World Mental Health Day     •     10.10.24      •     World Mental Health Day     •
     10.10.24      •     World Mental Health Day     •     10.10.24      •     World Mental Health Day     •
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World Mental Health Day

The Project Healthy Minds World Mental Health Day Festival is a day of paradigm-shifting action, discourse, and community centering around the most critical issue of our time—from headline-making fireside chats with leading experts to wellness-focused community activities, retail giveback campaigns, corporate engagement, and more. The Festival convenes the most consequential leaders from across public policy, media, culture, sports, business, and academia for groundbreaking conversations about the future of mental health. It also curates thought-provoking experiences for the public to build community and create a dynamic space to engage in collective action on this critical topic.

World Mental Health Day 2023



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